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Trashy Film - Fantastic in Plastic

Trashy Bags is a social enterprise based in Accra, Ghana that makes recycled eco-friendly bags and gifts from plastic trash.

We employ over forty local people to collect, clean and stitch plastic trash in the form of sachets that have been previously used to contain drinking water and other drinks, into fashionable and useful bags and other products.  Plastic sachets have become a big problem across Africa because of the lack of recycling initiatives and waste management infrastructure. We also make bags from used advertising billboards that have been displayed on the streets of Ghana.

Trashy Bags is leading the way in sustainable development in Africa in the area of plastic recycling and we have collected and recycled approximately 20 million plastic sachets since we started in 2007. Every month nearly 200,000 plastic sachets are being collected and brought to Trashy Bags by a network of people who are obtaining an income from their efforts.

Our product list includes laptop bags, laptop sleeves, messenger bags, tote bags, vanity cases, backpacks, gym bags, purses, wallets, shopping bags for everyday use.  We make designer products which have been designed in-house by our own employees and some given names that are unique to our range. These include laptop sleeves, e-reader sleeves, shoulder bags and handbags like Sankofa, Mama Africa, Moonlight, Home Sweet Home, Fish Bag and Obaapa.  

Fantastic in Plastic is a fun documentary film about a very special day at Trashy Bags.  It was produced for the Environmental Film Festival of Accra and was premiered on June 6th 2010

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Trashy Bags - Recycled and Eco-Friendly Bags and Gifts from Ghana

See what Trashy Bags is doing for the environment in Ghana.  Latest news on the Smart Ghana Initiative...

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Trashy Comments

“It's a super super campaign I must say and the most inspiring.”

Chani - Sri Lanka

I love the gym bag. Do you sell to the US yet?

Jamie - OH, USA

Trashy Employees

This is Janet. Now meet the rest of the workers...

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“Congratulations for this beautiful project!”

Nathalie - Belgium

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Trashy Ad Bags are made in Ghana from discarded advertising billboards that are now proliferating throughout Accra, Ghana’s capital city in West Africa.

Because the Ad Bags are all made from different billboards, each one cut for individual products, every one of the Ad Bags is unique in design and colour.

Trashy Ad Bags are hand-crafted with luxurious African print linings

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