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Trashy Smart Bag

The Trashy Smart Bag is our most popular model. Once you have used it to carry your groceries you will never want another bag and you will appreciate why it is called the Smart Bag - it is truly a “bag for life”.

Made from 70 drinking water sachets, its strength and durability has to be experienced to be believed; it carries over 20Kg with ease.  The Trashy Smart Bag also fits perfectly in a small supermarket trolley and when you set it on the ground to open your font door it won’t fall over and spill your shopping all over the doorstep! More importantly it folds into its own base and is closed with a zip so it is easy to stow away in a shoulder bag or in your car.  Just don’t forget to take it shopping so you don’t have to use single-use plastic bags again!

Copyright Tommaso Galli - 2009

“I found an advertisement about the trashy bags and I absolutely LOVE the idea!”

Loesje - Belgium

“I saw your story on green network

Comments: Really impressed. I am praying for your upmost sucess.”

Dinah - CO, USA

“Newspaper in Belgium, de standaard

Comments: I love it. How can I buy this?”

Stefanie - Belgium

Launch of the Smart Ghana Initiative using the Smart Bags at the largest supermarket in Ghana

“I love it! I get compliments on my Trashy Bag all the time. I live in Seattle, WA and the people who live here are very interested in environmental issues and supporting causes

that are making a difference.”

Jenny - WA, USA

This is one of the best ideas out of Ghana; not only does TRASHY BAGS provide the convenience of carrying your stuff around, but also solves a bigger problem.. Kudos!!”

Kutsoati - Boston, USA

Size (cm):
Closed: 18 width 23 length 3 depth
Open: 32 width 44 length 20 depth

“I have come across your website and read all about 'gold projects' and i think this is a fantastic idea - welldone and thank you! i will tell all my friends and community about what you are doing.”

Katie - Scotland

“I spoke to you today in York. these bags are really cool. how do you buy them? told you i would check them out :) take it easy.” Anthony Whitbourn - York, UK