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A founder member of Trashy Bags Project, Stuart’s background was in architecture where he qualified in the UK in 1980 and practiced for seven years before specializing in computer database applications.  In the 90’s he began working on the development of Internet software technology in both the UK and USA.

He came to Ghana in early 2006 and began Trashy Bags in 2007.

Stuart’s belief is that solutions to many of Africa’s problems can be found in Africa by Africans. However one of the major problems is their lack of confidence in their own ability to innovate and make products that the world wants to buy.

He believes that Trashy Bags is a potent example of what can be achieved by applying a deeper understanding of the issues at stake and then “thinking out of the box” without the requirement for large investment.

Trashy Management

Lydia Appiah - Production Director

Stuart Gold - Managing Director

As director of production Lydia’s role in the company is to ensure that production targets are met and she has overall responsibility for fulfilment of the company’s orders.

She graduated from the Institute of Professional Studies in Legon in 2007 and has gained experience in the retail trade and also as a retail buyer, sourcing goods from the Far East.

Lydia believes passionately that Ghana can achieve world standards and feels that Trashy Bags is proof that innovation is possible in Africa.

Elvis Aboluah - Projects Director

Elvis has been with Trashy Bags Project since it was formed in July 2008.

Being a professional Archaeologist and having worked with museums and educational programmes, Elvis is committed to the idea that education and awareness is the key to finding lasting solutions to Africa’s problems.

As Projects Director his role at Trashy Bags is in the area of public relations and educational initiatives with emphasis on outreach programmes.

George Attah - Sales and Building Manager

With a background in building services management George is in charge of all aspects of the company that involve keeping the facilities at Trashy Bags running smoothly.

He is also in charge of the everyday sales and order fulfilment including organizing all the export arrangements.

George has been with Trashy Bags since its inception in July 2008.

Mustapha Mohammed - Financial Officer

Mustapha graduated from the Institute of Professional Studies at Legon in 2007 and joined Trashy Bags soon after to manage the company’s every day accountancy activities.

Mustapha is currently studying for an accountancy qualification at the Islamic University in Ghana.

Kwame Acheampong (Oboy Sly) - Production Manager

Oboy Sly is our Chief Designer and Production Manager. Oboy was a promising young footballer in Ghana and then turned his hand to music before settling down at Trashy Bags.

Oboy worked his way up in the company and became our top machinist but it soon became clear that he was also a talented designer.

He now has the responsibility of designing and prototyping all of our new products.

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