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The Problem

Stuart & Lydia

By thinking creatively and intelligently about the plastic waste that we do produce - reducing the amount we use, reusing plastic that can still be put to good use and by taking our plastic for recycling we will solve this problem and show that we take our environment seriously.”

Stuart Gold
Managing Director

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Is there life after death?

We believe there is - at least for a certain type of plastic packaging that can be found scattered throughout many countries in West Africa!  Much of this plastic packaging is from drinking water and other plastic drinks sachets that have been carelessly discarded into the environment.

By making useful and attractive bags and other products directly from the sachets that have been collected from the streets or kept for recycling we are:

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The Solution

Our products are made from reclaimed plastic drinking water and ice-cream sachets which we do not reprocess in any way apart from cleaning. This has the benefit that very little energy is used in order to add value to material that would otherwise be dumped or burned.

In addition, by incorporating the original and complete sachets into our products, it demonstrates in a very visible way that it is possible to increase the life span of plastic packaging and so help to tackle the very serious problem of environmental pollution in Africa and elsewhere.

“A solution to the very serious problems of land pollution that we experience in Africa should not be sought from government alone.  It is up to each and every one of us to take care of our environment for the betterment of ourselves and especially our children.

By accepting this responsibility and learning not to litter the streets, but disposing of our rubbish responsibly and recycling where possible, we are teaching by example and this is the best education of all.

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